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The Eurologos Network over 6000 clients throughout the world

Eurologos Shanghai is the first Chinese branch of the Eurologos Group and is extremely proud to put itself at the disposal of the over 6,000 existing Eurologos clients that span the whole globe, as well as to introduce the benefits of the Eurologos method to a brand new market.

Each week the offices of the Eurologos Group work on hundreds of linguistic and graphics projects – from the smallest to the most complex – following the same high standards of professionalism and respecting the same production quality criteria: the “Manual of Eurologos Procedures” (400 pages based on ISO principles), a document referred to on a daily basis.

According to the Group’s philosophy the best conditions for producing, revising and validating texts in a given language can only occur in an office operating in the country (and in the market) in which that language is spoken: this is the basic requirement to assure linguistic quality.



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